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Last day of Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Today is the last day for Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the last day to do anything with the game before Monster Hunter Freedom Unite comes out tomorrow. I've gotten all the elder quests finished today, and tried to find one Lao Ruby to upgrade my dragon hammer to it's final level, but failed to find one...

When I transfer my data though, I will know that I have everything I need to keep on kicking ass, with or without a maxed-out anti-dragon hammer!

For those of you who don't know what Monster Hunter is, let me explain; Monster Hunter is a game that focuses on you, the player, being a hunter of great beasts and dragons alike, from big bugs, to Wyvern, all the way to mountain-sized dragons! The game plays like you're a psuedo-mercenary, hired by the hunter's guild to go on different quests, many to fight monsters, some to gather items. The game doesn't have a real story to it, but the whole idea is to go on these quests, slay the monsters, carve their hides for materials, then go and mine for ore, fish for all types of fish, and hunt for bugs, gathering all sorts of different materials to make yourself armor and weapons from the creatures you slay and the ores you mine.

You start off by making your own unique character, choosing a face, skin color, hair style and color, and voice with pitch-change. As you play, you fight stronger monsters, and you make more powerful armor and weapons, upgrading weapons you made earlier on with rarer materials to bring the weapons to the next level of strength. You have several melee types (Sword 'n shield, dual swords, great swords, katanas, giant hammers, lances, gunlances, and hunting horns), and three range types (light bowgun, heavy bowgun, and bow 'n arrow) that you can choose to use, with different elements.

As you do these quests, you can fight with up to three other allies at your side, each person with their own weapon type and their own armor set, some needing items from the monster you're fighting and some just going for the cash. When you're done with the first set of guild quests, lo and behold you can try newer ones fighting harder versions of the monsters from the previous set, and you go making even MORE powerful armor and weapons.

It is addicting as all HELL to go around slaying these powerful Wyverns and Dragons and giant beasts of all types, especially with the ability to choose your own weapons and armor sets for your customized hunter, fighting alongside your friends. Just such a great game, so much to do and so many things to see... And some of the weapons are just rediculous, wielding weapons as big as you are and fighting things two, three times bigger than you! Another thing to make it more rediculous is the fact that their gun technology isn't put into their bowguns, which are really just powerful crossbows; no, the game's developers each chugged a glass of testosterone and adrenaline, and said, "Fuck man, let's put revolver gun tech in fucking MELEE WEAPONS!" and thus it was so...

This whole series was sprayed with testosterone and then dunked in awesome sauce. I still remember when I first introduced the series to my best buddy, Dave, how he'd come hang out at my house frequently, and I'd just sit there watching him play it online on the PS2.. "Dude, can we do something together now?" "Hang on, I'm on a quest!" lol, and now everyone in the clan is into it. It's a beautiful thing, and I'm so glad Capcom gave gamers like me and the guys such a fun game to play for hours upon hours upon hours.

Tomorrow, I will transfer my data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2, to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I will hang out with my friends, grab a giant hammer, and ask them "What the fuck do we slay first?!"

Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful.
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