May 14th, 2011

Game reviews incoming!

Alright, so it's been a really fucking long time since I last did any game reviews, and lots of games have come out since then... I've written down all the games I've bought and played, and I'm gonna do a big bunch of game reviews.

Games like Halo Reach, Little Big Planet 2, NBA Jam, You Don't Know Jack, Torchlight, Portal 2, and many others await review. I'm gonna make sure to get this all done in the next couple days, get all caught up with things.

Also, Gonna work the next couple days to get all my faves on Youtube transferred over, and then I'm gonna start my new channel for Let's Play videos, starting with Portal 1.

See you soon.

Edit: Just got up a Youtube channel for gameplay footage and let's play videos. Might do game reviews on there, but probably not... The link is:

Got my first few videos up of my blind playthrough of Portal 1. Hope you all enjoy!