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Donations Welcome
Hey everyone. I'm sorry to have to ask this of you guys, but while things have been going good for a while, it's looking like there's gonna be some issues here coming up.

I've got bills to pay, and gaming is an expensive hobby to keep up, especially in such a poor economy. If you have some spare cash, I would greatly appreciate a donation from you.

I know most people are trying to focus on staying afloat and keeping a roof above their heads, and I understand that. This economy sucks, and so does the job market. It seems like the economy is eating itself and slowly killing our country, and damn if I know even IF it'll ever improve.

Still, if you've got some spare cash, please donate through the paypal icon in my bio. It'd help me pay my bills, and by donating you can tell me what game you want me to review next as well; it doesn't have to be new, but it DOES have to be part of this gaming generation.

Thanks to everyone who's been keeping up, and many thanks to anyone who can throw me a bone.