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No more College.

Today, May 18, 2009, at 7:06 PM, I finally finished college, forever. I took my final exam, I turned it in, and I grinned as I walked out that door.

I have been going to school for as long as I can remember, always knowing that there was more school ahead, but now I'm truly free. No more little two month vacations, or week-long breaks. I am finally finished, and I never have to do any homework, any studying. This Friday, I will attend the graduation ceremony where I will receive both degrees, then I will be done forever.

Only one full year of my lifetime of education (First and Second semester of HVAC major) have I actually enjoyed, and beyond that it's been nothing but shit. I'm glad to be done with school, because on the whole it's been completely useless.

Fuck you school, you've taken part of my soul, and a big chunk of my sanity, but you haven't taken my life!!!
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